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Product Overview

EZ Construction Estimator is an easy to use, scope driven, estimating tool that was built for any contractor, regardless of their trade. Whether estimating for a commercial roofing project or a simple basement remodelling job, EZ Construction Estimator provides features required for successful and profitable bidding.

Our database is installed with thousands of detail items that reflect the way most contractors actually build things; starting with the nail, ending with the finished product. Plus, all of the tools needed to maintain your items, change prices or add items are built in. No more waiting for an annual update.

Here is a list of the system requirements for our software:

  • Windows Vista, W7 or W8 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer
  • (Optional) Intuit Quickbook Contractor's Edition 2009 or newer

Components and Assemblies

Components and assemblies are the detail items used in estimates. Components are single specific items, such as a nail or an hour of labor. Assemblies are collections of components and even other assemblies. Examples of assemblies include building a block wall or installing a window.

Very complex assemblies can be created such that when they are used in estimates, the user can be prompted by options which affect the calculated costs. An example of this would be using a painting assembly in an estimate where the user is prompted for paint type.

Another powerful feature is revealed whenever the price changes in a component or assembly. EZ will automatically update any assembly or estimate that uses it.

Our database is installed with thousands of these items that cover most building trades. Plus, EZ provides all of the tools to create and modify your own.


Of course, EZ will produce very detailed estimates, easily. Each estimate has components or assemblies added to it through its simple drag-and-drop interface. Once the detail items have been added, overhead costs are selected. Overhead costs flagged as hidden will be distributed through the costs of the detail items.

Estimates can be broken down by area (bedroom, bath, etc.) so the customer can be provided a summary by room. The estimator can also specify the order of the detail items that appear on the estimate reports.

Once an estimate is accepted by the customer, change orders can be added when the inevitable alterations are needed. EZ Construction Estimator provides all the tools needed to create profitable and accurate estimates.


EZ Construction Estimator is installed with many useful reports. All reports are Excel spreadsheets and are completely customizable. A list of installed reports is as follows:

This is just a small glimpse into the functionality of EZ Construction Estimator. We suggest you try our free, fully functional trial download to see the power and estimating ease our software provides.

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