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How-To Videos

The most difficult part of new construction estimating software is learning how to use it.  Weller Systems hopes to reduce the learning curve by providing short videos on using EZ.  Visit this page often as new videos are added.  If you have suggestions on videos that are needed, please email our Support Desk with your recommendations.

Getting Started

EZ Desktop Overview - This video provides an overview of the EZ Construction Estimator desktop's major functions.

Maintenance Videos

Component Maintenance - Watching this video will give the user the basic information for adding and changing Components in EZ.
Assembly Maintenance - This video instructs the user in adding and changing Assemblies.
Customer Maintenance - This video shows how to add and change Customer information.
Estimator/Salesman Maintenance - Adding and changing Estimators or Salesmen to EZ is discussed in this video.

Estimate Videos

Estimate - Overview - This video shows how to add, change and search for an Estimate.
Estimate - General Tab - The General Tab of the Estimate Maintenance screen is described in detail. It is recommended that you view the Estimate - Overview video before viewing this one.
Estimate - Area Tab - This is a new tab that shows starting in release 1.4.8. It discusses how to create Areas, Area Offsets and Additional Walls. It shows how to use the new Area Panel on the Estimate Detail Quantity Maintenance screen.
Estimate - Detail Tab - This video shows how to add items to an Estimate. Items and services are dragged and dropped into the Estimate through this tab.  This video shows how this is done. It is recommended that you view the Estimate - Overview video before viewing this one.
Estimate - Cost of Business/Misc/Tax Items Tab - This video will explain how to add and change Cost of Business, Miscellaneous and Tax items. It explains the concept of "hidden" and visible costs and how EZ allows the estimator to blend the hidden costs into the Estimate Detail. We recommend that you view all of the Estimate series videos before watching this one.
Estimate - Attachments - This video shows how to add Attachments to an Estimate or Change Order. It also covers adding Attachment Types which allows the user to classify groups of Attachments. The ability to add Attachments appeared in Release 1.5.1 of EZ Construction Estimator.

Report Videos

Running Reports - Running reports is easy with EZand this video shows how this is done.
Changing Base Reports #1 - This video explains how to modify a base report, in this case the Scope of Work, to put your own company logo and header into the report. This is a simple example of a report where only the Excel Template file needs to be customized.
Changing Base Reports #2 - This video builds off the Changing Base Reports #1 by changing the Short Contract template. The caption text is modified through the Report Layout tab on the EZ Report Tool.
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